[Press Release] NooKo Announces Exciting Partnership with Leading Estate Agent Francis Louis

Exeter, January 2024

NooKo, the visionary property development company, is thrilled to unveil its strategic collaboration with Francis Louis, a distinguished estate agent serving Exeter and its neighbouring regions.

This partnership marks a significant milestone as NooKo prepares to release the much-anticipated Paternoster House, a luxury development situated in the heart of Exeter. The partnership with Francis Louis underscores NooKo’s commitment to providing an unparalleled residential experience in the heart of Exeter..

Paternoster House, set to be available from January 2025, represents a pinnacle of sophistication and elegance. Meticulously crafted with a keen eye for architectural brilliance, the development boasts 28 meticulously renovated apartments. Each residence is a testament to NooKo’s dedication to sustainability, blending contemporary design with timeless charm.

In alignment with NooKo’s eco-conscious ethos, the Paternoster House development incorporates innovative sustainability features. These include a large solar power installation and a range of green initiatives, contributing to NooKo’s net-zero commitment. The company’s emphasis on environmental responsibility resonates with Francis Louis’s ethos of embracing the best of the digital age while preserving traditional methods.

Paternoster House is set to breathe new life into the high street, fostering gentrification and revitalising an area that has seen a period of decline. NooKo’s investment into the local economy, use of local artisans, and support for the community reflect the company’s dedication to becoming a catalyst for positive change.

Francis Louis, with its wealth of experience in residential sales, lettings, and property management, is well-positioned to provide expert support to those exploring the Paternoster House development. NooKo and Francis Louis understand the art and science behind buying and selling property, and this partnership aims to elevate the entire property experience for clients.

As the release of Paternoster House draws near, the synergy between NooKo and Francis Louis is poised to set new standards in the Exeter property landscape. Prospective buyers and tenants can anticipate not only exceptional service but a seamless and exciting journey into a sustainable and luxurious living space.

For more information about NooKo, Paternoster House, and the partnership with Francis Louis, please contact:

Stephanie Carroll
Press & Social Media Coordinator


About NooKo:
NooKo is a forward-thinking property development company dedicated to creating sustainable and luxurious living spaces. With a focus on innovation and community, NooKo is set to redefine the real estate landscape.

About Francis Louis:
Francis Louis is a leading estate agent serving Exeter and the surrounding areas. Specialising in residential sales, lettings, and property management, the agency is committed to providing top-notch services through a combination of modern techniques and traditional values.

NooKo and Francis Louis

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