NooKo’s Vision for Sustainable Development in Exeter and Beyond

NooKo is a pioneering development company deeply rooted in the heart of Exeter. Our founders, James Porter, Max Sayers, and Courtney Manning, bring combined expertise in construction, design, and urban development, uniting their passion for revitalizing disused buildings and promoting sustainable property development.


NooKo is dedicated to crafting exceptional properties that blend historical charm with modern innovation. Whether through sensitive restoration of architectural treasures or the creation of exciting, high-end new-build developments, we prioritize eco-friendly practices to inspire delightful living and commercial spaces.

Our Approach:

NooKo adopts a conscientious approach, emphasizing the sensitive restoration and adaptive reuse of disused, often historically significant, buildings. Our commitment to environmental responsibility extends to the meticulous reuse and recycling of materials. Every bit of wood finds a new purpose, with floor joists transformed into tables and beds. This sustainable practice, coupled with our promotion of modern design elements, results in an aesthetic blend of elegance and innovation.

Flagship Project – Paternoster House:

Paternoster House stands as our ongoing landmark project, situated at the corner of Fore Street and North Street. This historical site is transforming into a harmonious blend of luxury apartments and expansive commercial and smart storage spaces. Our dedication to the revival of Paternoster House is not only rooted in its rich history but also in our commitment to sustainable living and innovative design.

Community Commitment:

NooKo is dedicated to the welfare of both local and global communities. We actively hire local trades and craftspeople, contributing to the enrichment of the local economy. Additionally, our commitment to environmental sustainability is evident through our use of reclaimed and sustainably sourced materials in our construction projects.

Global Impact and Education:

We collaborate with the EDP Trust, supporting educational initiatives such as the Awutu-Winton Senior High School in Ghana. This partnership reflects our belief in fostering educational opportunities for underprivileged children, aligning with our commitment to making a positive impact both locally and globally.

Get in Touch:

For media inquiries, partnerships, or further details on our projects, connect with us on our website or through our social media channels.

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