NooKo Welcomes Hits Radio to Concord House to Talk About Cladding & Safety

At NooKo, we’re thrilled to share the details of our recent visit from Hits Radio, where we got to show off our progress at Concord House and share how we make our buildings safe and welcoming for everyone.

Concord House has been part of Exeter’s story for a long time, even housing Britain’s first commercial computer in 1962. Sadly, following the harrowing Grenfell Towers tragedy, cladding issues on the building were highlighted and the residents of all 28 flats had to be rehomed and the building was decommissioned. 

And that’s where we came in. Our team has been hard at work, resolving the cladding issues while also fully renovating and modernising the flats, creating new homes in Exeter’s city centre.

Max Sayers, one of our directors, emphasised the urgency of the situation, explaining, “There’s wood which basically goes from the bottom to the top without any break in between – so if a fire gets hold at the bottom, it will instantly burn all the way to the top.” The cladding used, with flammable polystyrene insulation between wooden panels, posed a significant risk.

 “It was made of wood and polystyrene, so if a fire started, it could spread really fast.”

Hits Radio’s Andrew Kay came to see what we’ve been up to, and he shared the story of Concord House and our redevelopment of it, with their listeners. It was great to have him visit and show him the progress we’ve made.

Through this collaboration, we want everyone to know that safety is our top priority. We’re doing everything we can to make sure Concord House is a safe, modern, and comfortable place to live.

NooKo remains committed to our mission of revitalising communities and creating spaces where people can thrive. With every project, we strive to uphold the highest standards of safety and sustainability, leaving a positive impact on the neighbourhoods we serve.

Join us on this journey of transformation as we work towards a brighter future for Exeter and beyond.


Photograph taken 11th April 1962 © Historic England Archive. John Laing Collection ref: jlp01_08_062331

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