NooKo Founders Welcome DevonLive on a Private Tour of the Paternoster House Site

NooKo Founders Welcome DevonLive on a Private Tour of the Paternoster House Site

We were delighted to welcome Mary Stenson, a local journalist from DevonLive, to the iconic Paternoster House in Exeter. Join us on a journey through the past, present, and future of this historic building, as we delve into NooKo’s commitment to preserving its heritage.

As you wander through Exeter’s city centre, it’s hard to ignore the bustling construction site at the corner of North Street and Fore Street. What was once the city’s very first department store is now undergoing a remarkable transformation into 28 luxurious New York-style flats.

Before the final brushstroke of this grand makeover, our team at NooKo invited DevonLive for an exclusive tour of this once-commercial hub. Paternoster House holds memories of a bygone era when Cornish and Co outfitted the city’s residents, and Brock’s furniture graced its floors.

Cornish and Co, established in 1884 by Frederick George Cornish, had a long-standing presence on Exeter High Street. In 1905, it made its home in Paternoster House, surviving the May 1942 blitz alongside Brock’s. By the 1960s, it had evolved into a modern department store, a precursor to the ones we know today.

Fast forward to 2020, our team took on the monumental task of transforming this historical landmark into 28 luxury flats. At NooKo, we are deeply committed to preserving history while embracing contemporary design. Our aim is to retain Paternoster House’s original features, such as its majestic high ceilings and exposed brick, while creating elegant cosmopolitan loft-style apartments. The project, initiated in September, presents complexities that make each step a journey through time and craftsmanship.

Mary’s visit allowed us to share our profound interest in the history of this building, a passion that echoes in every decision we make. We’re delighted that Mary appreciated our dedication to preserving the heritage of Paternoster House, and we’re excited to take you on a captivating journey through its rebirth.

For the full article and more remarkable images, read Mary Stenson’s piece on DevonLive here.

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