Meet the Directors: NooKo Executives’ Biography

Founders of NooKo, James Porter, Max Sayers, and Courtney Manning, collectively harness a rich blend of expertise in property development and restoration. Their journey began as colleagues on various construction projects, shaping not only robust business relationships but also a shared vision for heritage restoration. 

Max Sayers – Company Director

With a background rooted in mining, property and construction, his extensive experience in these domains forms the backbone of the company’s strategic direction and operational excellence. Max’s vision has been pivotal in shaping NooKo’s mission of blending architectural prowess with sustainable development practices.

“As a Director of NooKo, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be entrusted with the task of lovingly restoring magnificent, cavernous old buildings like Paternoster House. Leaving our mark on an already stunning structure and contributing to the transformation of that area of town is tremendously exciting. The fusion of exceptional accommodation with ground-floor commercial spaces is a fantastic means to sustain an already vibrant high street.”

Courtney Manning – Company Director

As a Director, Courtney Manning leads the way in utilities, construction, and services within the NooKo team. His expertise in these critical areas has been fundamental in ensuring the seamless implementation of efficient systems and infrastructures. Courtney’s commitment to quality and precision underscores the company’s dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly development.

James Porter – Company Director

James Porter serves as a Director, bringing his skills and expertise in construction and project management to all of NooKo’s innovative projects from start to finish. Having run his own carpentry contracting business, his extensive knowledge and skills in these areas have played a crucial role in the company’s endeavors. James’ commitment to craftsmanship and quality forms the cornerstone of NooKo’s dedication to delivering superior projects within exceptional time frames.

Together, they form the driving force behind NooKo’s commitment to blending local heritage with sustainable global impact, achieving a harmonious coexistence in property development between the past and the future.

NooKo and Francis Louis

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