One month into Renovations at Concord House: A Sneak Peek Inside

Exciting updates are underway at Concord House. We couldn’t wait to give you a glimpse of the progress as we prepare to open the first show apartment in just 6 weeks.

Our team has been hard at work, stripping down rooms, selecting stylish designs, and preparing for the big transformation.

First up, our interior designer has been busy with paint swatches, selecting the perfect colors to breathe new life into each space. With a keen eye for detail, they’re ensuring that every room feels modern and inviting.

In the bathroom area, old tiles have been removed, making way for sleek, contemporary designs. New tiling is underway, adding a touch of elegance to these essential spaces.

But it’s not just the bathrooms getting a makeover. Kitchens have been completely gutted, ready for fresh, modern fixtures and fittings, as approved by our team mascot, Frank.

One of the most exciting changes is the creation of open-plan living spaces and additional bedrooms. Internal walls have been removed to make room for spacious, flexible layouts, perfect for modern living.

This transformation is not just about renovating spaces; it’s about revitalising a community and creating homes where people can thrive. We look forward to sharing more updates with you as we work towards our goal of offering quality housing in a vibrant, revitalised setting.

We’re thrilled to announce that the first show apartment is on track to be ready in just six weeks. 

Photograph taken 11th April 1962 © Historic England Archive. John Laing Collection ref: jlp01_08_062331

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